I'm a user experience designer and researcher based in New York City.

I do what I do because I think design can make the world a better place. I came to user experience through a curiosity about what makes people tick (psychology and academic research) and a love of tinkering (computer programming and building websites).

I'm currently taking on short-term consulting projects while I explore what's next. If you'd like to get in touch about a consulting or full-time opportunity email me at annemlock (at) gmail.com. You can also peep at my LinkedIn page or say hi on Twitter.

This site is where I write about user experience and whatever else is on my mind. It's a place where I develop and reflect on my ideas, but I hope there's something that sparks insights for others as well.

In my spare time I flex my cooking skills, paint portraits of plants, and try to get good at running. Oh, and I love puppies. Need something pretty to look at? I've got some of that on Pinterest.