Kill your darlings

Yesterday, I stumbled across this older but information-packed video of Janice Frasier speaking in Los Angeles. Check it out, I watched it twice. (Not only because of the giant bunny.) Kill your darlings: User experience and lean startup

Some teaser tidbits from the video:

Do a wireframe check with your developers on a regular basis. Once you have your sketch, take it to your developer and ask these same 4 questions every time:

  1. Is this an accurate reflection of the system?
  2. What here is hard?
  3. What are the alternatives?
  4. Is this worth it?

Extra design inventory is waste. Design one page and test it to figure out you're on the right track before you design a whole system.

Put stuff on the walls. Nothing gets a conversation started better. In fact - don't have meetings, have working sessions.