The Innovation Coffeehouse

August, 2014

In a large company, it can be hard for new, innovative ideas to compete with large, established products. Passionate employees can be a critical source new ideas, and new ideas are important to sustain future growth. But eventually, even passionate employees can get discouraged when their ideas can't get traction. I led a team of three that formed the Innovation Coffeehouse, an internal startup coaching meetup, with the goal to connect passionate innovators in Citrix, have them share their experiences, and encourage each other to move forward. 

Our goal was to help passionate people with new ideas find a way to better pitch those ideas to upper management. We believe that by using Lean Startup principles and working through the Lean Startup Canvas, ideas would have a validated problem, customer segment, and value proposition, leading to a more compelling idea to pitch internally.

Our team held a series of workshops, webinars, and one-on-one coaching.


To support the people we were meeting with, I build a website of Lean Startup and validation resources using Bootstrap.